Sunday, April 10, 2011

I think this conversation is so sweet! :) there is two child sitting under the tree while drawing an eiffel on a pieces of paper.maybe it was summer,because there is so many flowers fall.

her:do you have a dream?


her:yesterday,in my class my teacher says everybody have a dream and we must make that dream to be reality.

him:do you have a dream?

her:I have so many dream.I want to be a stewardess and kingdom princess.

him:it is impossible.

her:my teacher says there is nothing impossible in this world,but the dream that I want the most is I'm married,like my mom and dad,I want a good husband like my dad and I'd proposed@dilamar like in the television,we'll have 10 children and I was called mom.

him:who will be your husband?

her:I dont know,but I want to have a good husband and says 'I love you' to me everyday,then we live happily :)

him:is that the most you want?

her:yes,how about you?what's your dream?

him:I dont know!!!

her:why you dont know!if we dont have a dream we must make,make a what you want  now?

him:I want to make your dreams become a reality.

her:yeah,which my dreams you want make it to be a reality?

him:the last dreams that you tell.

her:*thinking*promise ya?

him:yes promise.


hahahahaziqah said...

EEEEEEEEEEEE!! hahaa . blueek. ceridak! haha!

meilisha said...

eeeeeee hahaa.yg mana stu bah?sweet lah!