Friday, April 29, 2011

this is the poem that sukdeng make for me :( huaaaaaaa.wah dia buat mcm 5minit sjak,tere eh :(

you happy I happy
you sad I sad
you being hurt I help
I just beg you don't forget me

think about what have we do
and how we meet
think about me and you
just miss me if you do

thank you for your help and always
thank you for your words that make me glad
thank you for your smile when I am down
just think about me when you miss

sorry about what we have do that make us unhappy
sorry about what we hurt about other's feelings
just you hardworking about your dream

friend forever I wish
follow your dream
and we will meet again
when we won,when we sucess.

thank youuuu,

see why good things always happen just like in a minute?why good things change easily?WHY?if I can play back time , I would do

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