Friday, January 22, 2016


When I was a child..I always thought about being a teenager , a teenager at age 17-18 years old. Wonder how will it feels like.What I will do....what I want to be.... but..all I think was only the fun and I expect a fairytale like some books that I always read those happily ever after.I dream and imagine a lot of things.Now I am  18 years old.It's not a fantasy nor a fairytale.Being a teenager is not like what I've thought when I was a child.This is 'A time for choosing'.Yes choosing.I've to make some decision.Which it's not easy.Takut salah langkah , takut salah pilih.Banyak ketakutan ketakutan yang gak penting , tapi nyatanya memang ada.I think dreams are a trigger so we move forward.I just need to be careful of it.My days , my future , they might seem scary at times.. I'm just trying my best now , to be a better person and to have a better personal each day.For  the good of everythings..
Walaupun kadang , seketika samar.

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